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Supervisory Committee Meetings

At the September 2018 faculty meeting we made a collective decision to change our departmental policy on supervisory committee meetings for doctoral students who have completed their dissertation prospectus. This does not apply to doctoral students in the midst of coursework and comprehensive exams. This is what we decided as the new practice for these meetings:

1. The office will schedule supervisory committee meetings annually during a designated week. This academic year, meetings will be held in the week beginning March 25, 2019, with all members of the committee present, for all doctoral students who have had their dissertation prospectuses approved.
2. If you cannot or prefer not to meet in that week, then you must schedule a supervisory committee meeting for your doctoral students BEFORE March 25. You may go ahead and do this anytime.
3. In cases where committee members or students are out of town for research, they should participate in the meeting through Skype. For committee members, written comments will also be acceptable as a last resort.
4. These meetings need to be documented with the supervisory committee form that should be returned to the EAS Office. The form can be found here:/003/information-for-students/forms/