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Fulfilling the Language Requirement

The language requirements for EAS Majors and Specialists can be fulfilled in a few different ways: coursework, a placement test, or a combination of the two. Students may successfully complete coursework at the appropriate level (200-level for Majors and 300-level for Specialists). Students with prior background may be able to place in a 200- or 300-level language class or meet the language requirement without taking courses by taking a placement test. Students who pass the language placements tests for EAS Majors or Specialists or who are placed in higher-level language courses must replace those credits with Society-Culture courses at any level. To learn more about how to take a language placement test, which may include an interview and/or written test, please see the appropriate language page: Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

At the time the department enrols students, your maximum course load will be 6.0 credits.?Please note that waitlisted courses count towards your maximum course load, so you can be enrolled in a maximum of 5.0 or 5.5 courses (depending on whether you are taking a Y/1.0 credit or H/0.5 credit language course) including?waitlisted courses on the date the department processes enrolments.